The Deeds of Maya L.

Maya’s Current Deed Count: 25 
  • Created the entire Danny’s Heroes website (counts as 20 deeds due to extreme time committment!)
  • Held a stranger lady’s coffee for her while she opened her umbrella in the pouring rain.
  • Taught my cab driver how to download games (and other Apps) on his iPhone.
  • Packed groceries for underprivileged people at a local center
  • Helped tourists, who were clearly struggling with understanding the DC Metro.  Normally, this would not be a deed, but they were having a lot of trouble and it took more than 5 minutes to get them on their {correct} way!
  • Helped new coworkers that just moved to DC figure out where to live by, for more than an hour, going through online sites with them and describing all of the different DC neighborhoods.

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