How It Works

Danny’s Heroes promotes acts of kindness.  Every time you perform an act of kindness, such as helping somebody pick up their spilled groceries, a point is awarded.  When you have time, “report” the good deed on this website and we will keep track!  As you accumulate points, you will accumulate the benefits below:

  • Blue Level (25+ points): Congrats, you are now a Danny’s Hero!   You will receive a Hero-graphy page on the website, an official Blue Level Danny’s Heroes t-shirt, and you will be added to the Hero Email List (see below).
  • Red Level: (100+ points): You will receive a red-level t-shirt and be given “Urgent Access” to any Danny’s Heroes Request that you might make.
  • Green Level (500+ Points): You have earned a green-level t-shirt and a lunch with Danny himself.

Other important notes about being a Danny’s Hero:

  • Hero Verbiage: When you perform the deed, please let the benificiary know that you are one of Danny’s Heroes.  This way, if they ever need help again, they can come to the website and “Request Heroism.”  It is really fun to say “No problem Ma’am…just doing my duty as one of Danny’s Heroes!”
  • Hero Email List; All heroes (Red Level and above)will be added to the Hero Email List and will thus receive an email when heroism is requested (and said request is approved by the DH staff).  When the hero, receives a heroism request, he or she is welcome to respond or ignore.

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